I Hear Fresh Laughter in the Rain

Today, I’m working from home and it’s one of those very-rainy days in Dallas. I hadn’t posted anything on my blog in quite a bit of time, so I thought I’d spend a few minutes telling you about how the year has gone so far. No witty observations about communications or marketing, just an update […]

Getting Away With Fraud - I'm Mad!

Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn, someone is trying to get away with something illegal. As a society, how did we get here?

I realize fraud has been around for centuries – and probably since the cave man. Lately, it seems fraud is everywhere. Just this morning, I saw a story on CBS Sunday Morning […]

Reading is Fundamental if You Want to Write

In his book, On Writing, Stephen King provides quite a bit of food for thought about the subject of writing, reading and words in general. I was reminded just this morning how influential King has been in my life, and in my writing, by a colleague on Facebook who wanted to know what everyone was […]

Finding Time To Blog ...

Sometimes I feel just the shoemaker and his children who go without shoes because he’s too busy taking orders for everyone else’s shoes. Sure, I have downtime just like everyone else, but I often find myself NOT doing anything that is work-related, such as reading a book or watching TV – again, just like everyone […]

Who Controls Facebook Page if User Dies?

Because it got MY attention, I took the title of my latest blog posting from the headline of an article that ran on March 16 in The Dallas Morning News. Here’s an online version of the article (with a different headline) from AP writer MIchael Avok.

To summarize the article, the mother of a man in […]