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Which Social Media is Right for Accounting Firms?

When I educate CPAs and accountants on social media marketing, I get two questions more often than any others. First, which application they should be on, and second, how they operate or participate in social media to get results.

Both are simple-enough questions, but kind of hard to answer without spending some time analyzing what it [...]

Creating News Releases That Set Your Accounting Firm Apart

Got news?

Hardly ever have I run across an accounting firm that didn’t want to get its name in the news, unless it’s a firm that’s afraid the phone will ring too much and the firm won’t be able to handle the amount of new business that comes in.

Yes, firms have told me about that fear, but [...]

HARO: Easy Low-Hanging PR Fruit

In a time of our lives in which we want most non-billable activities fast and easy, I have a public relations tip for you that has brought success to one of my clients no less than 3 times in the last month.

It’s HARO, an acronym that is short for Help a Reporter Out. There’s no [...]

Resigning a Client: Four Years Later, It Was the Right Decision

No matter what type of business you’re in, it’s never easy to resign a client. Yet, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks.

We resign clients based on a number of reasons. Perhaps the scope of engagement changed and you don’t provide that kind of service … or the client may not be paying their bills. Then [...]

Five Secrets to Social Media Success for Accountants

I have a lot of clients, associates, and friends who think I’m a social media whiz. They regularly call or write asking for what they think is sage advice on how to make more of an impact on Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest, and several other social media applications.

My response? I consider myself fortunate that I’m thought of as a [...]